Apr 2, 2012

Newly Released Kit: Bunnies and Chicks

Did everyone survive April Fool's Day on April 1st?  Any good fun pranks for the day?  We just mixed up the day a bit and had breakfast for dinner along with some other fun!

I just designed several more things with a Spring/Easter theme.  Just like those little rabbits which have a tendancy to multiply, my Easter themed kits are also growing and growing (I have seven in the stores now which is the most kits which I have designed around one particilar theme.)

Introducing:  Bunnies and Chicks:
I also designed some Quick Pages from this kit:

You can find both of these kits in my store:

My Store at  RBL Designz 
P.S.  I am having a CT call right now--my first ever so please see my blog if you are interested!!!

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