Jul 12, 2012

It's been hot here for the last few days. It's a dry heat normally.
So needless to say I've been in the house a little more than most.
Have been looking into plug ins for Paint Shop Pro.
Both 2 and 4. Along with adding more scripts.
Even got to test and few for a friend.

Got a new line of papers. I figured I'd give my self a collection of perfect papers. So I'm calling it 7 Papers. Have just gotten the first set into the stores. They are on special in  the stores, until the end of the month.
There are plans for a total of seven sets
.Got a group of buttons for ya.
These were really fun to work with.
I guess my Girlieee side is coming out again.
I' working on some lace also.

I got my new Paint Shop Pro 4 a few weeks ago.
Not sure I really like it yet. I hate the opening screen. Have to make sure you got the correct tab selected.
Play some a create a new paper. Throw it away i thought and find it later. Seems I had saved it a few steps ago.

Thanks for coming See ya again soon.